Each year Puppies for Breakfast selects a Rescue to work with that can benefit from donations that come through the Dog Festival.  We don’t randomly pick a rescue but rather, we choose one that we either have a close relationship with or have close friends that work with one.  This year we offered to help Reggie’s Friends Rescue, which is represented by the awesome Reggie the Deaf Pitbull.  Reggie’s Friends was able to place 300+ dogs in fosters or homes in 2015 and are already helping so many animals in 2016.

Reggie’s Friends was founded out of their love for helping dogs. Living in a city of 1.2 million homeless animals, there was rarely a day when they didn’t see a dog in need of help. Instead of just wanting to do something, they figured out how to do something!  Reggie’s Friends is dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs in and around the greater Houston, TX area. They focus their attention on helping dogs who have been abandoned in boarding facilities, shelter dogs, and street dogs find loving, forever families. They also believe in helping people with their pets by hosting low-cost vaccination and microchipping events. They live and love by their motto #streetlife2sweetlife!

If you are unable to attend the Puppies for Breakfast event, you can donate to the cause by clicking on the button below.  Your donation will then be coupled with donations that we receive through the festival and Puppies for Breakfast will then present Reggie’s Friends with one large donation amount.  Thank you for your help.

Donation Options