Puppies for Breakfast Coloring Book

The NEW Puppies for Breakfast Coloring book is now available for purchase and ready to ship.  This great little book features 15 Illustrations of real-life dogs that have been rescued and now living awesome lives in Houston.  The 8.5 x 11, 18 page book comes to you from the creative minds at Neue Creative and illustrations provided by Hector Garcia, the founder of Puppies for Breakfast.

The book sales for only $12.99.  Click the button below to get started.





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BIKE + DOG: Showing some Love to Homeless Dogs in Houston

Get your bike and bike trailers ready to hit the East End and help us feed homeless dogs in the area. We will also be taking account of the location of each homeless animal and using social media to share, in hopes that someone can come by and pick up one of these pups and foster or adopt.

MEET UP: 8am at Tout Suite near Downtown for coffee / breakfast
RIDE OUT: 9am (break up into teams)
POST MEET UP: 12pm return to Tout Suite


There are so many homeless dogs in Houston with a high concentration in areas East of Downtown. In an effort to help provide some love to these animals for a day, Puppies for Breakfast & Neue Creative have created what we’re calling BIKE + DOG, which will be a variety of bike friendly events designed to feed homeless dogs and take account of where each of them is located.

Reggie’s Frriends Pitbull Rescue has offered to partner with us and we welcome any other rescues that would like to help.


If you’d like to donate to this cause, you can do so online by clicking on the button below.  Any amount will help with the purchase of supplies and food. 

Donation Options

We could also use much of the following:

– Bags of Dry dog food
– Disposal bowls (paper, foam, etc) for food and water
– First Aid equipment. For use on any dogs that could use
some basic first aid.
– Dog toys. We may want to leave a little toy for each dog to
simply help make their day a little better.

– Bike
– Bike trailer if you have one to carry supplies
– Backpack
– Anything else you can think of
– A big heart and maybe some tissue. You will want to take
every dog home with you and see some very sad situations.

More details as we approach the event date. Thank you!!

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Rain or Shine!

We’ve been working hard on this year’s Puppies for Breakfast and the rain is not going to stop what will probably be our biggest and best festival yet!  The forecast shows a percentage chance of rain, but we all know that in Houston that doesn’t mean we’ll get rain in our area.  http://www.weather.com/weather/5day/l/77008:4:US

We’ll see you Saturday!

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Puppies for Breakfast Tee

Check out our new Puppies for Breakfast tee, inspired by our own little Maltese named Apple Jax.  You ladies will surely love this new design and guys, you’ll want one too.  Maybe.  🙂


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